“Dear @BoneheadsBBQ: I love you” Well, erm, your sandwiches, at least! :P

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Dear Boneheads BBQ folks,

I am sending some serious big love your way. You, my friends, make some mean meat. This is some of the best BBQ I’ve had in a long time.

Now, I’m no pro when it comes to grilling, myself, but I’ve had the opportunity to interview a few people who don’t mess around with meat (Canadian BBQ championships in Whistler: if you haven’t been, you really should go):

Fire up the barbie

Where there’s smoke…

Get ready for real BBQ

I was vaguely aware that another new BBQ joint had opened up downtown (I’ve been to Q’s Smokehouse and do plan to visit the one that just opened in Dartmouth Crossing), but hadn’t heard a whole lot about it. But the other day, my brother asked if I’d been yet. When I said I hadn’t, he insisted that I visit. Now, Ben likes to eat as much, if not more, than I do (probably more, as he’s one year into culinary school, and currently works as a cook).😛

When he makes a recommendation, I tend to take it pretty seriously, so last week, I headed down to grab lunch with my dad.

Located at the south-end of Barrington Street, they’re kind of tucked away and off the main downtown drag, but I suspect they’ll be a favourite with students (that is, if they aren’t already!)

It’s a pretty small space, but they’ve used their square footage effectively and put some thought and effort into creating a fun “BBQ-esque” environment. I especially liked the sign posted on one wall:

On top of the neat little touches like this and the chalkboard walls in the washrooms, they’ve also made sure that each tabletop is well-stocked with a basket of BBQ-related goodies: three types of housemade BBQ sauces, ketchup, salt, pepper and, most importantly, a roll of papertowel affixed the table. Hey, BBQ is a messy business! It’s wise to make sure customers can clean up after a feed.

Now, on the menu: They offer some seriously delicious-sounding platters (I have my eye on the shredded chicken served with cornbread, coleslaw and two sides), but honestly, that sounded like far too much food to tackle at lunch.

So, I opted for the pulled pork sandwich (Classic Southern BBQ, mmm mmm mmm!; $4.99). I was a big fan of this ‘wich: While it had lots of sweet sauce, the natural flavour of the tender morsels of meat wasn’t lost. And the bun was perfect: a wee bit crunchy on the outside, lightly grilled, but fresh and soft on the inside. It also came served on butcher’s paper, which I think is a really nice touch; hey, presentation matters, people!

Dad went with the beef brisket sandwich (sliced Texas st yle; $5.99), and while I failed to trade a bite for a bite with him, he gobbled up every bite, so I’m pretty sure he was pleased. We also decided to share a side order of sweet potato chips for an extra $3.49. I raved just the other day about my love for sweet potato fries, but I’d never had a sweet potato chip, so I figured, “What the hell?” I wasn’t disappointed. They were crispy, aside from one or two that maintained a bit of chewiness (which I actually didn’t think was bad), and they weren’t oversalted or seasoned, as I feared they might be. They were also served with this delicious creamy, cheesy dipping sauce that I’m sure isn’t very good for you…🙂 One side was more than enough for the two of us to share (seriously, it was a great big heap of chips), and together, we managed to polish them all off.

While I really loved my lunch, I’ll have to go back to test out the BBQ staples that determine if a BBQ joint is a true BBQ joint: the coleslaw, cornbread and cobbler.🙂

And I might even try these (hey, it’s for a good cause, right?!):

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