K, so I have a new favourite breakfast item! (@TheCoastalCafe)

You know when you’re so hungry your stomach goes from growling to kinda eating itself? Yeah, that’s happening to me right now… It doesn’t help that I just came across this photo of my new favourite breakfast item at The Coastal Cafe:

Fer reals. This is my new favourite breakfast.

I’ve proclaimed my love for their Huevos Rancheros before, but the chefs at The Coastal Cafe have topped that with The Forager. It’s an omelette stuffed with “fancy” mushrooms (I couldn’t quite tell which kinds were used), herbs and goats’ cheese, served with a side of new potato and microgreen salad, all drizzled with a dijon sauce. This is a well-balanced and tasty breakfast that will leave you satisfied, but not stuffed. You know, that whole “OMIGOD that was yummy but now I can barely move” feeling? Yeah, you won’t have any of those regrets with this brekkie…

The rich, earthy flavour of the mushrooms is offset perfectly by the acidic tang of the dijon dressing (of which there was just the right amount), and the salad adds a much-needed bit of crunch and freshness to the plate.

I fully intend on trying to replicate this dish in my own kitchen, I love it so much, but I expect getting the sauce just-so will be a bit tricky!

Cake & coffee at Cafe Aroma Latino

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I don’t know a whole hell of a lot about Latin food, to be quite honest, so stumbling into Cafe Aroma Latino on Saturday was a bit of  a bewildering experience for me, especially since I just came in to get a cup of coffee…

It was a very dreary day, and I was taking a quick break from work: I needed a quick hit of caffeine, pronto. This place was supposed to have some kick ass beans, so with my lovely colleague Susan Bradley, we ordered a couple of cafe con leches (coffee with milk) to enjoy there. Served in colourful earthenware mugs and saucers, the coffee is exactly as promised: rich and piping hot, even flavoured with a hint of cinnamon. An antidote for the chills, for sure!

We also tried a piece of their Mantecade, which is a Colombian yellow corn flour pastry made with eggs, rum, ansie and cinnamon ($2.50). It was a weeee bit dry (which could be because it’s made with yellow corn flour), but it also may have been a day past its prime. Regardless, it was perfect pairing with the cafe con leche!

While we were sipping our cafes, we also had a chance to check out their actual menu (you know, the one with real food?) It’s small, featuring a select few dishes from a variety of South American countries: Mexico, Colombia, El Salvador and Guatemala. On my next trip, I fully intend to dig into their Pupusas (Grilled tortillas stuffed with cheese and pork, served with marinated vegetables and tomato sauce on top; $2.75).

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