Homemade cookies!? Delivered by bike!? Hells yeah. @HalifaxCookies

Is it bad a bad sign when people start calling/emailing you when they hear interesting food stories?

I’m not quite sure yet, but I love getting the tips!😛

My dear da’ heard an interview the other day on CBC with a local baker lady who bakes cookies and delivers they by bike. Rad!

Now, I’m not sure if he thought this would be of particular interest to me because I love cookies, or because I wrote a story last year about bike-related businesses in Halifax.

Either way, I’m digging it: She loves to bake, loves to bike, so baking and biking it is!

I didn’t find the CBC interview, but I did find the baker’s website, Halifax Cookie Cravings.

Using locally-sourced, high-quality ingredients (like non-homogenized milk from Foxhill Cheese House, cocoa from Gourmandises Avenue, fair trade organic sugar and chocolate from Just Us!, free range local eggs, rolled oats and baking powder from The Grainery, and unsalted butter from Cow’s Creamery) she whips up batches of chocolate, peanut butter, homemade Oreos, ginger, coconut oatmeal, chocolate chunk and mud pie cookies and wheels ’em right up to your door.

But only if you live in this area:

😦 Not only is my house nowhere near this sweet-filled green zone, but my office is just beyond the border. Perhaps she can be bribed to venture over to Joe Howe some day?

Anyhow, even if I don’t get to order myself up a batch of these free-wheeling treats, I wanted to spread the word about this new business.

They’re a little bit expensive ($35 for 2 dozen, which works out to less than $1.50 each). Which really isn’t bad for homemade cookies made from locally-sourced ingredients, delivered to your door in an eco-friendly way.

Plus, you don’t have to wash the pans!🙂

Anyways, writing about all these cookies made me want to eat some. So, I made a batch of chocolate chip:

The whole house smells awesome now, and since Kev is at work, I actually might get to eat one (or two) before he discovers them.😛