Birthday celebrations with @Unwinedwmoira & friends!

My birthday is on Christmas Day *cue the sympathetic “ooh that must be awful” reaction*

Actually, I don’t really mind sharing my day of birth with the Big Guy’s son… To me, it just means there are usually more people around to celebrate! Growing up, I was also very spoiled by my parents, partially because I think they felt guilty about their timing… so they were always very careful to celebrate my birthday independently from Christmas (separate gifts, cards, a cake: you get the picture).

It can be kind of tough to manage to get people together this time of year, though, so this year, I tried to make it as appealing as possible: I decided to host a wine tasting party!

And since I know very little about wine, I brought in an expert to show us the ropes. Moira Peters, of Unwined Tasting Parties, is a certified Sommelier. She works with clients to select an assortment of wines, then comes to your home (or office, or other venue), to teach you a bit more about the art of enjoying and appreciating wine.

Even after spending a few years hobnobbing on Whistler’s fine dining scene, where I was fortunate enough to attend a few luxurious winemakers dinners, I must admit I still don’t know much about wine, apart from what I generally enjoy. So when I heard about Unwined, I was pretty excited.

Contrary to what you might expect from a wine tasting, this is NOT a pretentious affair. I gathered a group of about 10 friends & family members into my almost-completely-renovated basement, Moira brought along all the stemware, tasting notes, clipboards, pencils and spitcups (don’t worry, we didn’t waste too much), and we started sniffing, swirling and sipping the night away!Unwined Tasting

Moira does a great job of making the world of wine accessible to everyone, explaining how to evaluate any wine with the eye, nose and mouth. Personally, I learned quite a bit from the evening: like what “legs” are, and that you should never judge a wine at first sip! I think it’s also safe to say we had loads of fun in the process, too… with some Christmas carols playing in the background and a few goodies to nibble on throughout!

Tasting notes!

Ladies wine tasting

I think the pricing for the event was reasonable, as well: Moira’s fee varies depending on the size of the group, and the price also depends on wine package you select (she actually kind of blended 2 packages for me). Our evening of wine tasting at home with 10 friends (and no glassware to wash at the end of the night), was under $400. Well worth the experience, I’d say!

Happy Birthday to me!🙂


3 thoughts on “Birthday celebrations with @Unwinedwmoira & friends!

  1. Hey! Happened upon this post re. Unwined – your thoughts on how it would be for an afternoon pre-bachelorette party activity? Fun/upbeat enough for ~20 girls? Thanks!

    • Hey! I would definitely say so… Most of my group was in the mid-late 20 age range, and the rest are extremely young at heart!🙂 We had a blast… We were probably a bit rowdier crowd than Moira is accustomed to hosting, but she rolled with it really well (I had some music playing, some snacks on the go…) I would absolutely do this for some pre-bachelorette fun!

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