Some comfort food courtesy of Truly Tasty on Quinpool (@karlaonquinpool)

Ramen Noodles (with pork medallions, 1/2 hardboiled egg, loads of noodles and corn; $10) The lunch special also came with 2 dumplings, which I neglected to photograph. Sorry!

It’s been a rainy & gray few days in the Halifax area. But I’m not complaining, because I know how badly farmers in this region need the water for their crops.

Still, this is the kind of weather that is much easier to cope with if you have a nourishing bowl of soup: A big, hearty dish that feeds your body and soul, warming you up from the inside out.

Real ramen soup (not the kind that you buy in those cheapie little packets, my Mr. Noodle-loving university friends) is just the ticket for a drizzly day. And thanks to a new restaurant that opened recently on Quinpool Road, Halifax now has access to the real deal.

Truly Tasty opened this summer, offering an assortment of housemade dumplings (pan-fried and boiled, depending on your preference) and delicious noodle dishes.

The menu certainly isn’t extensive, but sometimes, I think simple is best. It usually means the kitchen has these dishes down right, and whatever you order will be good, and good on a consistent basis.

My friend and I opted to try the lunch special ($10) on our visit, which included a big bowl of the House Special Ramen. The broth was rich but not too fatty, and riddled with oodles of fresh, chewy ramen noodles and savoury medallions of BBQ pork floating on top. The yolk from the seasoned hardboiled egg added another layer of creamy flavour the dish, and I soon found myself scooping up the dregs of the big (beautiful) bowl, with my spoon.

The lunch special also comes with your choice of beef or pork dumplings, of which I chose the former. I neglected to take a photo of the dumplings (sorry!), but can attest that those perfect, crispy little pockets were bursting with big flavour. I could have eaten more of them (and I plan to on the next visit!)

We finished off with a small dish of their ice cream (me, green tea; my friend, mango), which was creamy and light, and a refreshing way to end our belly-warming meal.

8 thoughts on “Some comfort food courtesy of Truly Tasty on Quinpool (@karlaonquinpool)

  1. Hi Holly, that sounds really good. Where is it on Quinpool?? There are so many places to go and eat, you don’t know where to go. Will you call me when you get a minute,please….thanks….Anna

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