Birthday treats! (okay, not my birthday, but I still get goodies, too!) @mabellescafe

Birthday’s aren’t ALL bad. Especially when you get cake like this.

I discovered this sumptuous-looking treat on Movita Beaucoup’s fabulous food blog (if you haven’t checked it out before, you really should; I like her style) and decided to make it for Kevin’s birthday.

Anyhow, this cake was incredibly moist and rich (I think the addition of coffee, or in my case, espresso, and buttermilk made all the difference). Also, the chocolate icing with the addition of almond extract made the creation stand out from the typical buttercream frosting with vanilla flavouring.

Plus, I added sprinkles. Sprinkles take any dessert to the next level:

We had a slice for breakfast. Don’t judge us; we’re adults. We can eat dessert whenever we want.😛

After opening his presents and loafing around the house for a while, we decided to go have breakfast for lunch (I know, I’m blowing your mind with all of these weird meal times).

So, we headed to Ma Belle’s Cafe. I had never been before, but any place that offers high tea is alright with me.

I ordered orange pekoe tea (of course), and it came to be in this delightful saucer set.

Kevin ordered the Full English breakfast, which was a departure from his classic breakfast usual:

I opted for the daily breakfast special, a smoked salmon omelette, which had a layer of smoked salmon tucked inside. I would actually have preferred that the cream cheese was also spread inside, but I guess some people may just want to put it on their english muffin. Meh. I actually make a pretty mean omelette myself, at home (not to brag), but I usually fill mine with more mundane ingredients, like peppers and cheese, so this was a bit of a refreshing departure. It would have been nice to have a side of hash browns, or even some of the beans, however, to mop up with the perfect, buttery english muffin:

I was satisfied with my choice, and Kevin cleared his plate with ease, but I overheard the ladies at the table beside us complain about their quiche being undercooked…

The decor at Ma Belle’s is country-cute and very quaint; a lovely place to go, I suspect, for a scone and cuppa tea with a friend, as well.🙂

Ma Belle's Cafe on Urbanspoon

4 thoughts on “Birthday treats! (okay, not my birthday, but I still get goodies, too!) @mabellescafe

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  2. MOTHER OF PEARL! That day of food looks absolutely incredible. As in: I want to recreate Kevin’s birthday in my own house tomorrow. Ma Belle style. With a side of chocolate cake. Woot!

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