Is it summer yet? Must be time for some surf & turf! :) (we’re so spoiled)

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Like just about every other person in their mid to late 20’s that I know, I’m hardly a high roller (I’ve just dug myself out from a mountain of student debt and bought my first house…)

But I still love to eat well, and my former career as food columnist in a town like Whistler has truly spoiled me for life: There, I discovered the wonders of buttery fois gras, venison, spot prawns and other (pricey) gourmet delights. One such goodie, however, I was already well-acquainted with, thanks to my East Coast roots: lobster.

These creepy-looking crustaceans have always been a favourite dish of mine, though I still only usually had a chance to enjoy them a few times a year.

But every once in a while, a family friend (with a lobster license) will unexpectedly drop a few off at my parents’ house. It’s always such a treat to open the fridge door and find them there, just waiting to have their shells cracked open for their sweet meat (well, I’m editorializing a bit there: if they had a choice, I’m sure they would prefer not to be eaten).

*Ponders becoming a vegetarian for brief moment … then, back to reality*

Anyways, last week was one of those lovely occasions, and my mom generously sent me packing with two lobsters in tow (note: I am extremely spoiled).

Since the crustaceans were already cooked, all I had to do was wrestle their spiny shells open, pluck out the segments of meat, and, of course, figure out what to do with it.

I considered making some sort of lobster sandwich (or a lobster club sandwich, which I’m fairly sure would have blown Kevin-the-club-sandwich-lover’s mind), but then I remembered the steaks sitting in the fridge: SURF & TURF! Of course!🙂

I set to work, marinating my steaks:

Then, I got started on the lobsters, taking great care not to mangle my fingers on the spiny shells:

That is one serious chunk of lobster meat, my friends. It took a huge amount of restraint to not gobble this up. Seriously.

Now that the meat was out of the shells, I had to figure out what I wanted to do with it… I decided, since it was already cooked, but cold, that I’d pull the tail meat out of the shells and stuff them with a bit of butter, salt and lemon. Then, I shoved ’em back into their tail shells, wrapped them up in foil and threw them on the grill for just a few minutes, to warm them up and melt the butter. I prepared the little legs in much the same way, even though they’re kind of a pain to eat…

The meat from the claws I chopped up and set aside. Then, I melted a bit of butter in my frying pan (which has been inexplicably scratched):

Threw in a few capers:

And fried them up until they were crispy and brown. Then, I tossed in the lobster meat and briefly cooked it (but not for long; lobster meat can turn rubbery very easily):

The meat took on a nice, rich colour, and the capers and butter added a bit of saltiness and zip to the dish.

Then, I made up a simple Caesar salad:

I threw the steaks on the BBQ and cooked them to medium-rare, plated the salad and topped it with my lobster concoction:

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