A light, bright spring pasta dish! (@kbelleicious)

It’s finallllly starting to warm up a wee bit, which means it’s time to shake up dinner time!

Cut down on the casseroles, bust out the grill, and get ready for fresh, light, and bright flavours. I’ve been looking for a few new recipes to inspire me, and came across this recipe for pasta with fried chickpeas, tomatoes, olives and capers posted by Kitchen Belleicious. She made the dish look absolutely delicious, so I decided to give it a whirl. Here’s how it turned out:

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I’m a huge fan of capers and olives, so I knew I would love this dish, but I wasn’t too sure about Kevin. He was skeptical, also, as he suspiciously watched me prepare dinner (he is leery of any meal that doesn’t have meat in it), but it turns out that he *LOVED* it (he polished off 2 huge bowls).

I’ll let you visit Kitchen Bellicious’ website if you want the recipe for this, but I will offer a few tips: 1) Don’t go overboard with the capers, because they’re quite salty and tart; 2) Use real Parmesan cheese, none of that fake, powdered nonsense. You won’t be disappointed.🙂

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