Major sushi noms at #Dartmouth’s new all-you-can-eat sushi joint

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I’m all sushi-d out (at least, this week). Between work and home reno stuff, I didn’t have a whole lot of time to cook last week, and one night, I just couldn’t bring myself to make another sandwich.

We decided to venture to a new all-you-can-eat sushi spot on the Dartmouth side of the bridge. For those of you who are as unfamiliar with Dartmouth as I am, I promise that this place is actually easy to find: go over the MacDonald Bridge (the one off North Street) and hang a left on Wyse Road (that’s the first street that intersects after the bridge tolls). When you see a deli on your left-hand side, slow down and look to the right: you’ll see a new building, and that’s where Genji Sushi is located.

Random side note: The parking is a little screwy because they share the lot with other tenants in the building, and there seem to have maybe been some issues with this <?>, but according to a sign posted on their front door, if you park in the gravel part of the parking lot, you’re good to go.

Inside, they have plenty of space to spread out. Seriously. You could play touch football in there. I didn’t really get a good chance to poke around on the other side of the restaurant, but I didn’t notice any big tables. Since they clearly have room, I would love to see them add a huge booth for groups. Anyone who has visited the legendary Sushi Village in Whistler, B.C. knows what I’m talking about: a big ol’ table, but one that’s sunken, so you have to take your shoes off and climb down into it. It’s also surrounded by Japanese Shoji screens, which add some authenticity (and privacy) to the space. Like this:

Just a suggestion, but I think it would make for a kick-ass place to bring a big group of friends, or even an office party!

Other than the absence of a big, cool group booth, this space definitely works: the decor is modern but warm, as they enclosed their warehouse-type ceiling (complete with sprinklers, pipes, etc…) with dark planks.

To my knowledge, they’ve only been open for a few weeks, so I was expecting some hiccups with the service. And while there were a few, they weren’t major: Two servers came over to introduce themselves, take our drink orders and explain the ordering process. What was slightly more annoying — actually, it was more stressful than annoying — was that we waited at our tables with stomachs growling for quite a while, and then were inundated with a wave of dishes that took up every inch of our tabletop. Oh well, that’s all-you-can-eat sushi!🙂

We managed to carefully arrange the dishes as they landed on our table, and the empty ones were promptly taken away.

While I’m not going to go through EVERY single dish we tried, I will say that I absolutely loved the chirashi (or Chirashizushi, which means  “scattered sushi”). It’s essentially a bowl of sushi rice topped with the chef’s pick of sashimi and garnishes; the one at Genji was delicious (and kind of beautiful, as well):

We also ordered some veggie tempura, and while I didn’t taste it (I’m trying to be on my best behaviour and avoid fried foods), I have NEVER seen tempura broccoli, and felt that this was worth mentioning. Have you tried tempura broccoli before?!

We also ordered plenty of roll sushi, which was all nice and tightly rolled (no sloppiness here) and carefully presented:

Speaking of which: their plating was generally beautiful. See? This is the beef tataki (and in case you’re worried about the whole raw-meat thing: tataki, which means “pounded” or “hit into pieces”,is actually seared very briefly over a hot flame or pan, then marinated in vinegar and sliced thinly and seasoned with ginger. And no we didn’t get sick from eating it):

And while tataki doesn’t phase me, Genji’s seafood crepe freaked me out a bit. It was basically a thicker-than-usual crepe, topped with what I think was ponzu and these very strange flakes. What was really freaky was the fact that the flakes MOVED. I think it was probably the heat of the crepe causing the flakes to react, but they were actually visibly waving around. Even Kevin thought it was weird. I tried one piece (it was actually pretty tasty), and he ate the rest:

All-you-can-eat dinner for two came to around $55, which really isn’t bad at all. The quality of the sushi is solid, and while the service isn’t completely smooth, they are nothing if not attentive.🙂 Well worth a try, especially if they build one of those big ol’ booths!

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