A very merry Christmas eve lunch at the Mic Mac Bar & Grill (#Dartmouth)

As I’ve mentioned before, Dartmouth is a bit of a foreign land to me; I know how to get to a select few places, but I’m essentially at the mercy of my fickle Google Map iPhone service. While I’ve gotten a bit better at navigating the other side of the bridge recently, as we’ve started house-hunting in earnest, I’m still a novice on the local food scene, so on Christmas eve day, I was happy to listen to my father’s suggestion to check out the Mic Mac Bar & Grill.

His advice proved to be wise.

I had heard very good things about this tavern over the years, but I generally find that pub grub can be hit or miss, so I probably wouldn’t have made a special trip to check it out for myself.

Fortunately, my dad knows good food, as well (it must be genetic).

This pub was bustling, even on the afternoon of Christmas eve, when most people are frantically picking up last minute gifts. Instead, tables at Mic Mac Bar & Grill were filled with happy-looking families that were filling up on very generous portions of simple but delicious fare.

While the menu is slightly terrifying in size and scope, I managed to sift through the options and settle on the two-piece fish and chips (served with coleslaw and fries; $10.99), which I figured were probably a good pick at a joint such as this (note: I was right. The batter was thick and flaky, not goopy or chewy at all, and the VERY generous pieces of fish were served on top of a mountain of extra crispy french fries). I found the coleslaw was a bit watery, but had a unique honey-mustard flavour, which made me wonder if it’s made in-house. If it is, it would be nice to have it served in reusable ramekens, rather than the disposable containers.

Kevin strayed from his tried-and-true clubhouse and ordered the beef melt (served on garlic bread with BBQ sauce, cheese, onions, mushrooms, au jus and with a side of fries; $10.99), and dad gave himself an early Christmas gift in the form of a 14-ounce steak (served with roasted potatoes and coleslaw; $18.99).

Now, Mic Mac is apparently known for their succulent steaks; according to their menu, they use “aged beef” charbroiled to your liking and lightly seasoned with our “secret” spice. I didn’t manage to steal a bite, but Kevin did, and he happily polished off the leftover portion. I think if I were to return for dinner, I would have to give a smaller steak, cooked medium-rare, a whirl.🙂 Both of the boys seemed very pleased with their selections, and we started off the holidays properly: with full bellies and smiles on our faces.

Lunch for three, including two beer and an iced tea, was $72 including tax and tip. It seems like there’s a very good reason that Mic Mac Bar & Grill is a popular spot: the food is hearty and filling (as pub grub should be), prices are reasonable (considering the portion sizes), and the service is friendly and efficient. Sounds good to me!

Mic Mac Bar and Grill on Urbanspoon

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