Lunch @ the Finer Diner (in Peggy’s Cove, #NovaScotia)

Bellies growling, we finally worked up the energy to get out of the house and go for a drive to grab a bite to eat on Thursday afternoon… (Kev is still saddled with a broken foot, and I’ve been working lots, so down time has been a little hard to come by). We’d heard good things about this cute little spot in the area of Peggy’s Cove, called The Finer Diner (come on, how cute is that?!):

Anyways, it was a bit of a jaunt, but things looked promising as we pulled in to the parking lot. Even more promising? The much-hyped “lobster club.”

Inside was equally adorable, and we immediately nestled ourselves into a booth, and began to scan the menu. Kev apparently now has this rule about the first meal of the day: if it isn’t breakfast, it has to be a club sandwich (weird), and even he was enticed by the sound of their lobster club ($17). He got it on whole wheat, with fries and creamy coleslaw, and polished it off pretty quickly (but not so quickly that I couldn’t snag a bite: it was lovely, though to be honest, the flavour of the rich lobster meat got a bit lost in the mix. Maybe it was just my bite.) Also, $17 seemed a bit steep to me. (I know, I know… it’s LOBSTER! It’s EXPENSIVE!) Maybe with an artisan bread? Still, does this really look a $17 plate?:

I, on the other hand, had debated between the fish cakes and two-piece fish and chips ($12) and in the end, decided to go for the traditional: the fish & chips (I couldn’t resist the beer-battered treat!) Anyways, the fish was perfection: coated in a thick, crisp batter (none of that soggy nonsense here), the flesh within wasn’t dry and overcooked, and the squeeze of fresh lemon juice added the needed burst of fresh citrus to the plate. The fries were decent, but slightly cold. My one real complaint: the tartar sauce came in PACKETS (here comes the rant, folks). What self-respecting East Coast restaurant offers up packaged tartar sauce with their seafood? It’s appalling, really: a housemade tartar sauce is extremely easy to make, usually tastes a hell of a lot better, and doesn’t create additional waste through needless packaging! It isn’t rocket science, and if this truly was the “finer” diner, small touches like housemade tartar sauces would be standard. K, rant over. Sorry about that…

Bottom line: our meal at the Finer Diner was, well, fine, but it certainly wasn’t finer than any other diner that I’ve visited. The $43 tab (tax and tip included), kind of left me wondering if the 30+ minute drive was worth the stunning views and charming facade. I doubt we’ll be back, though their desserts do sound tempting!
The Finer Diner on Urbanspoon

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