University of #Winnipeg’s food program infiltrating the city’s culinary scene…

Pemberton's annual Slow Food Cycle (2010)

I just wanted to share an interesting piece the Globe and Mail’s Siri Agrell wrote about the University of Winnipeg, and how the leader of their food program is breathing a bit of new life into the culinary scene of the city.

Now, I haven’t been in Winnipeg for very long, so it’s a bit difficult for me to judge the progressiveness of the F&B industry here, but I have noticed that, at least in comparison to B.C., the whole “eat local” trend doesn’t seem to be as prevalent. While I’ve been advised there are one or two awesome summertime farmers markets in parts of the city, it seems like the demand for locally-grown and produced goods isn’t as strong here as it is in other cities or communities I’ve lived in (for example, Halifax has it’s year-round indoor farmers market, and Whistler has a thriving, centrally-located farmers market and a wide range of restaurants with menus that boasted locally-sourced ingredients). It’s perfectly possible that I simply haven’t unearthed these sustainable culinary sources yet (as evidenced by my discovery of Winnipeg’s Fresh Option Organic Delivery, which is mentioned in this article), but I must say that, if there is a thriving community of local food producers in Winnipeg, it is a very well-kept secret.🙂

Regardless of my own experiences to date, I am very pleased to hear that the University of Winnipeg is embracing organic and locally-grown produce in their food service program, and even more excited to venture out to their new fine dining restaurant, Elements, which is scheduled to open in August. I am quite keen to see what Chef Kramer has up his sleeve!

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